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  • Is it really from Mallorca?
    Yes, absolutely. Pigs are from Majorca, Sobrasada is made in Majorca, we are in Majorca (Palma), we serve from Majorca, we love Mallorca.
  • How can we distinguish the authentic sobrasada from Mallorca?
    The authentic sobrasada from Mallorca IGP is a guarantee of quality and origin. To distinguish it, always look for the Sobrasada de Mallorca and Sobrasada de Mallorca de Cerdo Negro stamps, like shown below these lines.
  • How to preserve sobrasada?
    We can keep sobrasada for long periods of time in a pantry protected from the sun in winter or in the fridge in warmer times. You will see that the sobrasada is stuffed and held by a string of esparto. It is a tradition in Mallorca to hang sobrasadas from that thread, from a stick nailed to the wall, in a cool and dry place.
  • Is it normal for sobrasada to drip?
    Yes, if you store the sobrasada hanging, in times of heat (> 28º) it is normal for the sobrasada to sweat and therefore end up falling drops, which makes the floor dirty. If you do not have a suitable place to hang it, it is recommended to store it wrapped in film and in the refrigerator.
  • What do I do if the sobrasada arrives in bad condition?
    The production process and the composition of the sobrasada, with a cure at a stabilized temperature and, guarantees the quality of our product and prevents the sobrasada from spoiling. If the sobrasada is stored for a long time in a humid and closed place, it is possible that a white mold appears on the skin that covers the sobrasada, it is a totally normal and common element. It acts as a pH regulator within the curing process and will not affect the final product.
  • Can sobrasada be frozen?
    Yes, sobrasada can be frozen, but like all meats and sausages, in the process of freezing and thawing the product loses tenderness and flavor.
  • When does a sobrasada expire?
    A sobrasada lasts a long time if it is well preserved; it may take up to 1 year until its expiration date. Once opened it can be a month out of the refrigerator if we are in winter, in summer it is better to keep it inside it. Before consuming it, it is advisable to remove it and leave it at room temperature for a while, thus allowing its aroma to emerge. In any case, it is advisable to consume it in a time not exceeding a week, since after this time the air begins to do its thing and causes it to lose its aroma.
  • How to enjoy sobrasada?
    There are many recipes to consume sobrasada, from spread on a toast of bread and a hit of the oven, or incorporated into pasta or pizza dishes, baked vegetables, or salads among many others Let yourself be carried away by its flavors and incorporate it into hamburgers , risottos, rice... On our sobrasadas recipe page you will find some suggestive ways to cook or eat it.
  • Can sobrasada be taken by plane?
    Yes, within the European Union, it is allowed to carry food in hand or checked baggage. Only in the case of products of animal origin, and for health reasons, it is recommended to take the food vacuum packed.
  • Can I have sobrasada while pregnant?
    One of the aspects in which a pregnancy implies a change is diet. There are not too many restrictions when it comes to foods prohibited during pregnancy, but in the case of raw foods, special care must be taken. Therefore, if you want to eat sobrasada during pregnancy, you can choose to have it fried or baked, the important thing is that it is fully cooked.
  • Are taxes included?
    All prices displayed include VAT.
  • How many types of sobrasada can we find?
    Two. Sobrasada de Mallorca made with the best meats selected from pig cattle and sobrasada de Mallorca f rom black pig, an autochthonous breed of the island, raised in freedom and with a controlled diet.
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